He Knows It's Too Good To Eat!

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This box looks far too delicious to be ignored



This is a delectable gift box for boys. As you can see, a unique and fun baby gift that everyone will love!



The box includes:


 - A comfortable grey and white scribble onesie to wear to the restaurant.


 - An impressive first course of sushi. Who doesnäó»t love some sushi! The sushi rolls baby gift consists of:


  • 6 washcloths (22cm x 22cm) and 3 pairs of socks made from a blend of cotton and polyester. Everything is creatively rolled and to make it more authentic, it is wrapped in äóìseaweedäó� and packaged in a traditional sushi tray with a pair of childrenäó»s chop sticks (measuring 16cm). 


 - The second course is Lambert lamb 


 - Our beautiful meal ends with dessert! Three macaroon soaps in green, blue and pink! 





Includes a complimentary, beautifully presented white box, Love & Kisses ribbon, elegant tissue paper and a handcrafted, personalised gift card


Please Note:

Any props used are for display purposes only and are not included in this pack. The items included are itemised above.



These items are not to be eaten! Soft toys should not be left in a babyäó»s cot.äó†