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May 2017

Have a look at what our gorgeous customers have to say about our unique and fun gifts.

Click here to see what customers say

 - Lisa


March 2017

It may have been a while since our last post but don't panic we have been real busy. Gift boxes have been flying out the door.

Keep up to date with our latest featured boxes and gifts through our Facebook and Instagram pages

 - Lisa


September 2016

We have added new Buy Individual Items categories and some of these include:

Within the new categories are a heap of new products as well.

Watch out for even more categories and new stock being added in the not too distant future.


Our new advertising campaign

Click on the link below to see what our new advertising campaign looks like.

Ad Campaign - Click Here...  (Remember to unmute the video!)

- Lisa


August 2016

We will be meeting with some additional suppliers this month and looking to further expand our already extensive lineup. During this period our warehouse will be down meaning any orders made between August 3rd and August 15th 2016 will be dispatched after the August 15th date.

Of course you are still welcome to peruse our site during this time.

Other exciting things this month:

  • We will be making some major changes to our mobile version of this site to make it more user friendly
  • We will be adding a search functionality to our site to make the things you love much easier to find
  • Improved product filtering capabilities to better narrow down on what you are looking for

- Lisa


July 2016

Based on feedback from our loyal customers we have added a new section to our site that will allow you to purchase individual items without our packaging and gift card and no minimum purchase requirements.

- Lisa


June 2016

We have made some updates to the website to make it more user friendly. There is now more instructional text that helps better explain what each section of the site is capable of. Links have also been provided to better help you navigate around to the appropriate area you are looking for on the site.

- Lisa


April 2016

Completed an extensive revamp of the Create a Box section making it easier to create your own unique box. We have also considerably increased the amount of items available for you to add to your custom box as well.

- Lisa


March 2016

Look at what the awesome guys over at Mum's Grapevine have said about our site and the range of gorgeous baby gift boxes we have on offer…

Mum's Grapevine Website (

- Lisa


April 2015

Love & Kisses in a Box was established in April, 2015. We love what we do and have a deep entrenched passion and drive for creativity and are inspired by everything different and unique. Our passion and love for our products will definitely burst out of each and every delicate gift box when opened and it WILL show a true expression of pure love and kisses from us to you.

- Lisa






Author: Lisa   Date Posted: 11 September 2017  

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